A few important bidding tips:

Always activate the "terms and conditions button" before you can start bidding!
You don't have to wait to place a bid within the last seconds, since the timer always jumps back to 30 seconds when a bid is placed within the last 20 seconds.
Don't wait until the last seconds to place a bid, but place a bid well within the bidding time to avoid disappointment!


Start price


BAC Pantani BE314357763

1. BAC Pantani BE314357763

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 87 817 KG

BAC Play Boy NL896105331

2. BAC Play Boy NL896105331

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 87 851 KG

BAC Pedro NL671858258

3. BAC Pedro NL671858258

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 88 762 KG

BAC Rocky vd Woeste Hoeve NL691202033

4. BAC Rocky vd Woeste Hoeve NL691202033

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 85 522 KG

Limousin Lievenoogen Roland NL721850816 (Heterozygoot Hoornloos)

5. Limousin Lievenoogen Roland NL721850816 (Heterozygoot Hoornloos)

Limousin AV 86 631 KG

Piemontese Bb Pierot NL675986065

6. Piemontese Bb Pierot NL675986065

Piemontese AV 85 541 KG

Limousin Cowporation Patzer NL681703069

7. Limousin Cowporation Patzer NL681703069

Limousin AV 89 730 KG

BAC Pegasus Malo NL682791577

8. BAC Pegasus Malo NL682791577

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 87 781 KG

Limousin Cowporation Prince NL681703223

9. Limousin Cowporation Prince NL681703223

Limousin AV 88 651 KG

Limousin Cowporation Pieter NL681703045

10. Limousin Cowporation Pieter NL681703045

Limousin AV 89 852 KG

Piemontese Fortwijk 314 NL967752950

11. Piemontese Fortwijk 314 NL967752950

Piemontese AV 85 572 KG

Limousin Marleseveld Primo NL566406478

12. Limousin Marleseveld Primo NL566406478

Limousin AV 86 666 KG

BAC Pompei vd Woeste Hoeve NL724701966

13. BAC Pompei vd Woeste Hoeve NL724701966

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 86 739 KG

BAC Bakersfield Patrick NL569610003

14. BAC Bakersfield Patrick NL569610003

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 87 728 KG

Piemontese Fortwijk 312 NL967752880

15. Piemontese Fortwijk 312 NL967752880

Piemontese AV 88 646 KG

BAC Paco NL896105379

16. BAC Paco NL896105379

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 87 646 KG

Limousin Cowporation Paradis NL681703076

17. Limousin Cowporation Paradis NL681703076

Limousin AV 87 692 KG

BAC Rembrandt NL662471642

18. BAC Rembrandt NL662471642

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 84 695 KG

BAC Bakersfield Pierre NL569610010

19. BAC Bakersfield Pierre NL569610010

Blonde d'Aquitaine AV 86 715 KG

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